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Elton John is a silly old queen

Is there any way the gay community can give Elton John back? He’s about an effective a role model or spokesperson for gays as Aunt Jemima is for black woman.

This bloated little piggy is now engaged in all-out war with Madonna, throwing weekly barbs at the legend as she tours the world. Some recent comments include calling her a “fairground stripper” whose career was “over” – even as she sells out stadiums around the globe. Most of the comments are unprintable because of their foul language.

But, last week in St. Petersburg, the 54-year-old Madonna stepped onto the stage and brazenly challenged the city’s heinous ‘gay propaganda’ ban by distributing pink wristbands before the concert and exhorting the crowd to raise their fists in a show of support for the gay community during the show. Previously, at Olympics Stadium in Moscow, she turned her back on the crowd to reveal the words “Pussy Riot” stenciled across her back. It was a nod to members of the Russian group of the same name who were jailed after writing a song taking President Putin to task.

Say what you will about the lady, she has balls. And a bigger dick than Elton John.

While this fierce femme was putting her ass on the line, His Royal Pussy has been busy plugging his new memoir, in which he basically makes excuses for being a conspicuous pig all his life.

Reflecting on the onset of the AIDS crisis, he told Matt Lauer on the Today show in July, “I wasted such a big part of my life, when this epidemic was beginning to happen in the early 1980s. And I was a drug addict and self-absorbed. You know, I was having people die right, left and center around me, friends.  And yet, I didn’t stop the life that I had, which is the terrible thing about addiction.  It’s that – you know, it’s that bad of a disease. I was consumed by cocaine, booze, and who knows what else. I apparently never got the memo that the Me Generation had ended…”

He still hasn’t. Sure, he donates proceeds from his songs to AIDS charities – as well as profits from the aforementioned book – but he’s so late to the party it’s pathetic. And let’s face it – proceeds from his hit songs amount to chump change these days.

The man who sold out to “The Lion King” and basically abandoned pop music territory decades ago even had the temerity to take Madonna to task for still churning out dance tunes. Hmm, career advice from someone who’s last big pop hit was the elevator muzak called “That’s Why They Call It The Blues” back around 1983 – when the Material Girl was buying her first wrist bands in the EastVillage.

Elton John’s whole life has been one binge of outrageous consumption. The only thing more overfed than his belly is his ego. I remember being in Catholic grammar and the fine, old sturdy nun teaching our class picked up an Elton John CD off a classmate’s desk and asked, “Why is he wearing these ridiculous glasses?”

“They’re cool – they cost $5,000!” the girl replied. To which Sister Sean said – with disgust – “While half the world starves” before confiscating the offending music. (If only nuns still carried rulers around at that time…)

I’m sure Sister Sean didn’t enjoy some of Madonna’s antics through the years – and neither have I. (But I secretly hope she grooved to “Like A Virgin” in the rectory!) This isn’t an obsessed fan’s diatribe because his favorite diva has been dissed. She isn’t. I just think Madonna actually deserves respect and Elton John deserves an enema.

And I think his peacock parade of being some sort of gay rights icon is preposterous. This is a pussy who didn’t come out of the closet until it was safe and now pretends to be the poster boy for homosexuality? No way. That’s as laughable as his mid-eighties claim that he was bisexual.

Just as there are thoroughly disgusting straight role models out there, we should appreciate the fact that as a community we can, will and should have dickheads of our own. Elton John counts as two; his husband actually had the bad grace to Tweet disparaging things about Madonna after her song beat his husband’s recently for an award.

And this isn’t the first female super-star Elton has got his panties in a bunch over. Back at the 1999 VH1 Diva show, he refused to play “Proud Mary” in the key the one and only Tina Turner wanted. Her signature tune! The true Queen was so enraged at the silly queen’s antics that she canceled a planned tour with John and hit the road solo. Result? Turner had the highest grossing tour of 2000 – while Elton couldn’t fill a stadium without Billy Joel holding his hand.

It says a lot when you can survive years with Ike Turner but not one night with Elton John. Tina, like Madonna now, never really commented all that much on their fellow diva’s behavior. Why should they? The images speak for themselves.

Tina looks ten times better in a wig than Elton John ever will. And while he was trying to upstage Queen Elizabeth II last week at the Olympics (impossible; she looks better in a dress and pearls), Madonna was getting into the face of the Russian oligarchy – complete with ‘Pussy’ written across her back.

It’s written across Elton John’s pig face every day, however.

Our good friends at the most excellent website,, posted this today regarding Pussy Riot:

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